Our Seminary

Currently the seminary is under development, however this page will serve temporarily as an educational source library.  Below are documents in PDF files that you may download or read online. (8/Sept/2014) We now have a seperate site for the seminary [click here]

  • The Road To Unity
    A collection of agreed statements of the joint Old Catholic – Orthodox Theological Commission
    This interesting document is seen by some as the first attempt to formalize the doctrinal consensus of Old Catholics, Greeks, and Anglo-Catholics, who acknowledge, besides the Holy Scriptures, the binding and perpetual authority of the ancient Catholic tradition before the separation between the East and the West. The object of this Consensus-Formula is to prepare the way, not for an absorptive or organic union, but for a confederation or intercommunion of Churches, on the basis of union in essentials and freedom in non-essentials. It involves a protest against some of the mediæval innovations of Romanism, and is so far an approach to Protestantism; but Protestantism goes beyond the ecumenical catholicity to the inspired fountainhead of the Apostolic Church
  • The Declaration of Utrecht
    A foundational document of the Old Catholic tradition is the Declaration of Utrecht of 1889, a document written in response to the First Vatican Council’s dogma of Papal Infallibility. Of course, the Old Catholic tradition traces its roots back further than the late 1800s. Via the See of Utrecht (i.e., the ancient Catholic Church of the Netherlands founded by St. Willibrord in the seventh century and which traditionally oversaw the expansion of the Catholic faith into northern Europe), Old Catholicism traces its roots back to the early and unified Catholic Church of 1 – 451 C.E.

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