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What is a vocation?

God’s invitation or calling to an individual to love and serve him and his people as a minister is the context in which we refer to the term vocation on this web site.

  • How do I know that God is calling me to the ministry?

You must pray every day, asking God to reveal His plan for you. Do not ask yourself, “What do I want to do with my life?” This is the wrong question!  Rather, you should be thinking and asking: “Jesus what do you want me to be? How do you want me to love and serve you?” And listen for the answer! Listen with your heart, not just your head.

The following outlines the procedures and steps required by potential candidates for Ordination to the Priesthood and Diaconate.  Please Note: the Bishops of the The Arch Diocese Of St. Michael have complete authority to confer Holy Orders as they see fit.  The Arch Diocese suggests that its Bishops follow the guidelines below, based upon their personal relationship with a prospective candidate for the orders.  Therefore the candidate must complete the following to the satisfaction of the responsible Bishop;

1. Consultation with the bishop or director of Vocations appointed by him/her.
2. Completion of application and all required documentation.

  • Copy of Photo ID such as drivers license, passport etc.
  • Copy of any previous Ordinations,
  • Certificates from seminaries or schools of divinity. (If any; St. Michaels does have a free seminary for those without clerical training.)

3. Completion of required criminal background check.  Or other documentation indicating the character of the candidate.

4. Evaluation and recommendation of the candidate by a clerical review panel assembled by the Bishop.

5. The Bishop then accepts or rejects the candidate.

6. After all required academic studies have been certified as completed and prior to beginning the internship, the candidate shall be ordained to the Order of Deacon.

7. Completion of the required internship program.

8. The candidate for the Priest Hood, must be willing to travel at his or her own expense to the sponsoring Bishop to receive ordination in an Eucharistic setting with a laying on of hands by the bishop,  The Arch Diocese Of St. Michael and its Bishops do not ordain via the Internet or US Mail.  The sponsoring Bishop may elect to ask the candidate to travel to a brother/sister Bishop of The Arch Diocese Of St. Michael, that is located closer to the candidate for the purpose of receiving Holy Orders as a courtesy to the sponsoring Bishop.

Please Note: The sponsoring Bishop may elect to exercise the above guidelines to their fullest intent or waive certain aspects based upon his/her knowledge of the candidate.

Does The Arch Diocese Of St. Michael have married clergy?

Yes, as in the ancient church, its clergy are free to marry should they wish. We totally and completely reject the doctrine of forced clerical celibacy.

Does  The Arch Diocese Of St. Michael have female priests?

Yes, we do. The Arch Diocese Of St. Michael does not choose its clergy on the basis of gender but rather their individual suitability for ministry.

Does The Arch Diocese Of St. Michael have valid orders?

Yes, all The Arch Diocese Of St. Michael clergy are validly ordained within the Historic lines of Apostolic Succession, passed on to it directly through the Old Catholic traditions and many more.

What kind of salary can I expect as a priest?

The short answer is NONE.  We believe in the concept of working priests or ministers that support themselves via employment outside of the ministry. We believe that vocation in the ministry is an avocation, a calling to a labor of love. And those called are indeed Professional even if not compensated financially for their work.

In the secular world, we normally associate the term “Professional” as he or she who have undergone an extensive educational program and in many cases receive high degrees of financial compensation, such as a doctor or lawyer for example.  However we see the term as meaning he or she that exhibits a high degree of professionalism in the deportment of the ministry.

A quick glance at various news media on any given day reveals yet another scandal surrounding so called “Professional” clergy.  While we are quick to acknowledge that the vast majority of ministers of the Christian faith are “professional” in the deportment of their duties we also acknowledge that a minister can be professional without the benefit of years of study at a school of theology, sometimes experience means more than so called “book learning” or study in theory.  It is to this end that The Arch Diocese Of St. Michael seeks not to place insurmountable hurdles in the path of the aspiring servant of God but yet requires a modicum of study for the ministry or proof that the aspirant has undergone such elsewhere.

However if a minister creates a working congregation that on its own elects to compensate that minister in a financial capacity, The Arch Diocese Of St. Michael has no complaints with such an arrangement as long as all secular laws are duly observed, for example income taxes, FICA, state or local taxes must be paid by the local church retaining said minister or the minister himself; The Arch Diocese Of St. Michael is not responsible for any taxes or withholding as we do not have employees.

How do I get Started?

Simple! Just complete the application HERE



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