Open message to the clergy and friends of ADOSM

To the Bishops, Priests, other clergy and Friends of the Archdiocese of St. Michael;

Social Media, has of late demonstrated a remarkable, if not breathtaking propensity to actively discriminate against conservatives, Christians, and causes that promote or up-hold the US Constitution as well as those that honor traditions held dear for thousands of years. As such I exercise my personal right to minimize my use of these platforms as such activity is used to encourage advertisers to support these social media conglomerates, generating revenue that is being used to effectively destroy those principles we hold dear.

More to the point, I have of late limited my interaction on social media to proselytizing the Gospel or bringing awareness to issues that many of the laity are oblivious too.   Messenger is an intrusive application designed to replace Text (SMS) messaging and or email and expose you to FB’s advertising. Personally I will not install this app on my cell phone or tablet, therefore I can only respond to messages from my PC which I am seldom at. If you need a rapid response to a question, please do not depend on messenger.   If you have my phone number you can text me or send an email to or use the contact us form on


Thank you for your cooperation.


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